Indoor Plant Pick

Indoor plants have always been something I enjoy. I've had several over the years and some take a certain art to keep alive while others are really easy. The nerve plant (Fittonia albivenis)  is one of the easy ones as it tells you when it needs to be watered!

Fun facts about nerve plants:

  • Come in pink, red and white varieties.
  • Likes moisture, soil to be damp at watering and then allowed to dry between.
  • Does well in hanging baskets, pots and terrariums.
  • Likes sun or part shade.
  • Pinch stems often to encourage dense growth.
  • If you grow in a wide pot the low-growing stems will root and spread. The pot will fill up.

Because these plants are so easy I took an existing terrarium I neglected, a bit easy to do, and replanted it with one of these nerve plants.

When you water, make sure the soil is all damp and that there is a layer of water in the rock base.

When the soil looks dry, water. OR - like I mentioned before, this plant will tell you when to water. If you notice the leaves starting to droop, don't fear, just add water and within 12 hours it will be back to its thriving self. While the nerve plant doesn't like to get this under watered it will bounce back, I have had good luck with this for years.

12 hours later it's HAPPY!