Propagating Succulents

Many people ask how we get out succulents so small...well, it's no secret. These "miniature" succulents we use are cuttings off larger plants. When you take a cutting the small piece is now it's own plant. Succulents have enough nutrients in their leaves to then create roots. Some pieces you cut off may already have roots on them too. A good rule to follow is to leave the cuttings sitting out for 24 hours before you plant them. This allows the plant to callus over on the end, when you then go to plant it the callus helps to insure that area doesn't rot.

Last night, at a friends house, we did a little planting project with a planter of succulents they had on hand.

And there you have it, they are such fun and simple plants to work with! Post your succulent projects on Instagram, #coloringnature, we would love to see your plants!