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Whether you’re looking for something smaller for your office or for something larger to go on a porch or deck we have a nice selection of potted plants that will look great in your space. Come see us at the Fremont Sunday Market on Sundays 10am-5pm. We have plants for sale 7 days a week at the Fremont Vintage Mall. You can also send us an email at


Succulents generally need less water than most plants. A good rule is twice a month during the year except for the winter when you can water just once a month. Still pay attention to the soil weekly. If after 2 weeks it still looks moist then wait a few days. Alternately, if in less than 2 weeks it’s dried out go ahead and water. When watering make sure the water runs through the drainage hole. Then let the plant dry out completely in between watering.

Indirect light is best for your plant. If the leaves start to get yellow move it into a shady place. If the plant starts to get leggy than it’s reaching for sun and needs a brighter spot.